Careers at Proteaflora

Here at Proteaflora our vision is "To make the world a better place through your garden" and we are always looking for like minded people to join our team.

Proteaflora’s DNA

Proteaflora sees gardens and greenspace as vital in making the world a better place – environmentally, socially and economically. Plants and gardens play a vital role in the urban landscape – they reduce heat, relieve stress, contribute to better water management, purify the air, give better health outcomes, are aesthetically pleasing and add value to real estate.

Our vision is of a world with healthy and happy people living in balance with Nature in their environment. That’s why we are in the “green industry”. Our aim is to bring joy and inspiration to budding gardeners by helping them create garden spaces that enrich their daily life.


We are a family business, owned and operated by David and Ilse Mathews with a professional team of horticulturists, marketers, creatives and people that help make things happen.


Shared Success – We are determined to succeed in creating great outcomes for us, our staff and our customers.

Excellence – We set high standards for our products and services and are always looking for better ways to do what we do. ‘Near enough’ is NEVER good enough’.

Inquisitiveness – We are always alert to what’s going on around us, questioning what is going on & why, and look for new opportunities and better solutions along the way.

Caring – We care about people and our environment - in our workplace, in our industry, in our community and in the world around us.


  • People and our environment matter.
  • Our homes and gardens are places to relax, nurture, design, create and to be proud of.
  • Our streets, suburbs and cities are so much more liveable when they enriched with living green – trees, shrubs, parks and gardens.
  • The more trees, shrubs and greenspace the happier and healthier we are.
  • Gardens and plants connect us with nature. Everyone, no matter what age, benefits from the opportunity to enjoy a garden.
  • Gardens are as important as ever and evolving in response to changing lifestyles and living environment.


  • Respect the needs of our employees, our customers and suppliers
  • Create outstanding products, services & experiences that enable our customers to connect to a healthier and happier lifestyle
  • Own our destiny
  • Work collaboratively with our suppliers and partners
  • Have a global focus
  • Contribute meaningfully to our local community
  • Think long-term, take considered risks and accept and learn from our mistakes
  • Value creativity and promote innovation
  • Share our success with all our stakeholders – staff, suppliers, consumers and government

Our People….
  • Are passionate about plants and “greenscaping”
  • Have respect and empathy for those we work with
  • Take responsibility for their actions, successes and mistakes
  • Work together to achieve great results
  • Have a positive outlook and seek win:win outcomes
  • Respect and implement the wisdom and experience in Proteaflora’s systems and work practices
  • Look for new opportunities in what we do
  • Have a “Can Do, Will Do” attitude
  • Are honest and loyal


  • Our systems, products, services and experiences are designed to be simple, elegant and functional at all levels.
  • We focus on our customers’ needs, wants and aspirations. We are committed to understanding the environment in which they live, work and play. In this way, their needs and emotions are understood, considered and ‘designed in’ to every aspect of Proteaflora.
  • We achieve this by being brave, inquisitive and empathetic.
  • Our close connectedness with nature, and the joy and well-being this brings, inspires our design. We will ‘tread lightly’ in our world, being mindful of our environmental and social responsibility.

We're hiring for the following roles...

Spring Casual

We regularly hire seasonal staff in late winter to help us out during the spring season. If you have some experience in nursery work are passionate about plants and would love an opportunity to work with us please fill out the application form below.


Can't see a role that's suited to you?

We're always looking for great people to join our team, so let us know a bit about yourself and what you can bring to our team via the form below.


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